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And.. we're back to co-sleeping

And.. we're back to co-sleeping

For the first 4 months Bo slept in our bed.

I remember the looks I got when returning to work and explaining I was a little tired as Bo was keeping me up a bit in the night. At this point he was only 5 months old so I didn't think it was particularly unreasonable of him. 

Upon further probing and when I mentioned he was still sleeping next to me the sheer shock and surprise really took me back. 'Oh you must put him in his own room, you're back at work now, you need to your sleep'. 

To me the logic didn't add up... Baby cries, mum easily soothes her baby when he's next to her and goes straight back to sleep vs running across the hallway 5 times a night during which time little sweet baby is hysterical and takes forever to calm down. I personally thought I'd done well moving him out of our ben into a crib beside us.

But like so many things I felt semi pressured into trying, I gave it a go. We lasted 2 nights before we took it in turns to sleep in the nursery with him.

Now it could have panned out differently but transitioning Bo into his own room seemed to coincide with the first of what turned out to the most traumatic sleep regression phase known to man. At 4 months old I had a wonderful sleeper, by 9 months I had a sleep terrorist that despite trying lots of different methods turned from a loving, happy child in the day to an absolute nightmare at night. 

My child was possessed. 

Thankfully after a while things calmed down but he still needed us at night, waking between 5 and 10 times and just wanting some comfort, a cuddle or head stroke, or in most cases his dummy. 

This week something happened, they started digging up the road outside our house and for some reason decided to do it from 8pm at night! Seriously who does that!?! Sooo I did something I've wanted to do for ages, I moved Bo back into our room, placing his little floor bed right by our bed and surrounding it with all his favourite toys.

The last four nights, he slept like a baby, seriously like 12 hours!

Now it may be a complete fluke and we may be setting ourselves up for difficulties ahead  but all I know is right now this feels like the best thing for us, and for the first time in 11 months and 3 weeks we're all actually getting a decent nights sleep.


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