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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Looking for the perfect gift for children this Sinterklaas or Christmas? Here are our top tips! 
1. Dinkum dolls + travel togs
A new friend to take with you everywhere you go. The Dinkum dolls from Olli Ella have an amazing vintage look and are soft enough to sleep with, while also being strong enough to sit and stand. Every Dinkum doll is wearing a diaper, knitted romper, socks and moulded shoes. All of the clothes can be taken off and put back on, which makes the fantasy play even more fun. A dress or a jumpsuit, because of their gender neutral looks you can style them as a girl or a boy. The Olli Ella Travel Togs are a perfect match to customize your Dinkum doll even more. 

€59, shop here 

2. Strolley + matress 
A real eye-catcher, this rattan strolley from Olli Ella. The foldable hood makes it a very diverse item, use it as a doll pram or shopping cart, depending on the story your child has come up with. And when your kid doesnt play with it some days, it will look amazing as decoration in the kids room

3. Holdie doll house 
The simplicity of this wooden dollhouse is what makes it so special. Leave it natural or paint the little rooms and the rooftop in colours you love. The house kan be closed with a little latch and picked up by the straps to be taken everywhere around the house.
€79, shop here 

4. Lauvely dolls 
These gorgeous ballerina dolls by Spanish brand Lauvely are made out of 100% lambswool and are embroidered by hand. Incredibly soft to cuddle, sleep and play with. With their 41cm tall they can’t be missed in the kids room, where they will contribute to a lovely girly vibe.
€80, shop here

5. Way to play road 
Whether your kid prefers to play indoors or outside, this Way to Play road track can be taken anywhere. Build the most exciting roads together or let your little one’s fantasy go wild by himself. The flexible pieces can be easily put together and because they are made from rubber, you can also take them with you in the bathtub or to the beach!

6. Wares girls dresses 
The most comfy little dress your daughter will ever wear, made of super soft gauze cotton. Wear it with flip flops in summer, and with tights, boots and a knit in the colder months. 
€39, shop here 

Want to see more? Check out our full collection here! 


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