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Hola BB Behind the Brand: Kussoo

Hola BB Behind the Brand: Kussoo

Who are you and where are you based?
We are Michelle and Inger and together we form Kussoo. Currently we are based in Hilversum NL. Kussoo is specialised in home textiles like soft cushions and warm plaids. Beginning of 2018 we launched our own kids label; Kussoo Kids.

Tell us about Kussoo products and what makes them so special?
Kussoo Kids is specially developed with kids and their kids room in mind. The products of Kussoo Kids have a soft look and feel and the sizes are perfect for kids. We were missing cushions which are basic and uni-sex and in a kids proof size, same for plaids. The Kussoo Kids plaids are also perfect to use as a play plaid for smaller kids. The wallhangers reminded us of our own childhood, it is such a nice and warm decoration for a childrens room. When developing the wall hangers we thought of 2 matching plaids.

What inspired you to start your business?
With Kussoo we joined our forces. We both have an interest in interior design and we always had the idea to start something together. After a career in textile buying (Michelle) and designer (Inger), last year the moment was there and we finally took the step.

What are your plans for the future?
We have already started at some plans for the future; end of September we will launch our own cushion line and we will also launch a new website. We hope to extend both the Kussoo Kids range and the Kussoo range, but small steps.

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