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Hola BB Holiday Gift Guide for your New Baby

Hola BB Holiday Gift Guide for your New Baby

Tis the season, which means planning family dinners, writing poems and buying gifts are all that are on my mind. If you have no idea what to gift your kids, we got a couple of favourites to share. And there might be a thing or two you want put on your own wishlist too!

First up, the very special Baby's first Christmas. Our curated collection includes 30 gift ideas starting at only 15 EURO.

See our top 5 below! 

1. Dusq shoes 
Perfect for keeping little feet warm, these wool baby shoes from Dutch brand Dusq. The double zipper enables the shoes to fold open entirely, making them super easy to put on and take off. From size 20 and up they have a natural rubber sole, so your little one can walk on them outside as well.
From €49, shop here.

2. Moonie sleep aid rabbit 
Does your baby have difficulty sleeping? The five calming sounds of Moonie the rabbit are soothing and mask background noise which makes it easier to fall asleep. Also very comforting for toddlers to sleep with as Moonie has a little night light in her belly! This little bunny is a present to yourself as well, more sleep = a happy mom.

3. Ekobo dinner set
Almost too beautiful to keep hidden away in the cupboard, this gorgeous bamboo dinnerware in earthy colors. To use for the first solid meals, and to learn to eat by themselves from when they grow older.
From €25, shop here 

4. Fabelab octopus
This octopus from Fabelab is not only a great piece of nursery decoration, its also very easy to grasp for little hands. Every tentacle has a soft crisp sound that will surely get your little ones attention. When picked up and shaken it makes a pleasant rattle sound. Perfect for stimulating your baby's senses!
€29,50, shop here

5. Carelia gift set brush and perfume
A gentle eau de cologne for your little one, with fragrances of orange blossom and lily of the valley and a slight powdery base. This spray doesnt contain any nasty chemicals and is clinically tested for sensitive skin. It comes with a soft wooden brush with natural bristles. We actually love to spray a little bit of the perfume on the brush, before combing the hair of our kids. It leaves them smelling SO good and makes us want to sniff their little heads all day long.

6. Fabelab soft adventurous book 
A little book to take with you wherever you go! But your baby will have lots of fun with it at home in the box or in bed too. The 6 unfolding pages each offer a different interesting image to look at. The little details and crisp sounds stimulate your little one to discover it over and over again.
€29,50, shop here


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