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My baby carrying journey

My baby carrying journey

Before Bo was born I already had 3 carriers at home. One I’d bought my brother a few years before so borrowed back and 2 other were bought for me as gifts. I always knew I’d use a carrier a bit however wasn’t massively into a ‘baby carrying’ movement.


For me carrying my baby was more about convenience than anything else. The first carrier I used was the classic Baby Bjorn, as a carrying novice and with a newborn that already weighed 8.10lbs it started out as the perfect carrier. Incredible easy to use, super comfy for Bo and I thought I’d love it forever. Around 3 months in Bo started to get pretty heavy and this was where my Baby Bjorn journey ended. Due to the positioning of the straps all the weight sat at the top of my back meaning within 20 minutes of wearing Bo I was in so much pain. At first I thought it was just me, but I know grown men in agony after carrying their little babies in these. So it was bye bye Baby Bjorn. 

I knew I wanted another structured carrier but I wasn’t quite sure which so I dug out my Bamboo Bamboo wrap that was a gift from my sister. I found this a little fiddly to put on at first but it got easier over time. I love how snug and secure this wrap feels and still use it for short trips even though Bo is now 12kg! The downside for me was using it out for prolonged periods of time where I’d be getting Bo in and out of the wrap. I struggled without a mirror to look in to get his legs in the right place and found I basically had to leave the wrap on constantly as finding the space in a crowded cafe to put it on properly was near impossible.

There is also A LOT of fabric so it takes us quite a lot of room in your bag. As I say, I do still have and use this occasionally but it’s not the easiest to negotiate out of home.


My third wrap, and the one I think I put off using for so long purely because of the colour is my ring sling. I looove my ring sling! Again it’s best for short periods of time, under an hour, but it’s so easy to put on, it takes up no room in my bag and is perfect for little things like quick visits to the shop, wearing round the house when your little ones just needs a cuddle, climbing the incredibly steep Amsterdam stairs whilst providing a bit of extra security or even things like boarding airplanes, this is the only wrap I travel with due to it's size and easy of use.

My final carrier, and the only one I actually bought myself is the Ergo 360, this carrier is so robust, it’s the only one I would ever cycle with and is my husbands preferred choice for when he carries Bo. Yep it’s pretty pricey at around 120 EUR but it has different positions for inward, outward, side and back carrying meaning it’ll be used for many years.

I also love the ergonomic position it puts your baby in, something I didn’t realise was missing in the classic Bjorn until I started doing research into structured carriers. I also really loved the teething bib add-on, Bo would chew away happily and I could easily wash it.

If you're in Amsterdam I highly recommend popping to Boezem Vrienden, they have a range of carriers for you to try plus a sweet little cafe perfect for a quick coffee with your baba. 

So these are my carriers, If I could only have 2 it would be easily the ring sling and the Ergo, if you had to push me down to one I’d say the ring sling is my favourite. It is also significantly cheaper so well worth the money.

Check out my simple and affordable ring slings here

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