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Get Inspired with Quax: A selection for your Nursery

Get Inspired with Quax: A selection for your Nursery

When you are pregnant, you will find yourself exploring a whole new world of different baby products and brands.

With many options to choose from, it can probably feel difficult to decide on the brand with which to furnish the room for your baby. Therefore, we would like to help you in your journey as you search for the ideal nursery products.

If you are looking to create a haven for your baby, then Quax is your brand! We are so proud to have in our collection the Belgian brand that follows kids from their first dream to their first steps.

Due to all the different styles and the delightful earthy colours, the Quax furniture is a feast for the eyes in your interiors, for you to cherish your life’s most blissful and peaceful moments.
Quax was founded in Belgium and since it's foundation, it has been the number one choice for all parents with a passion for interior design. With their combination of contemporary design and outstanding quality, you can sweetly welcome your newborn into the world.

Let us take together a closer look at how Quax brings the nursery trends into your baby’s room.


The timeless beauty of the Quax cots will surely transform your baby’s sleeping space into a relaxing and dreamy area so that both you and your baby will love it. Also, thanks to the cot adjustable base, Quax is the brand that grows with your baby! You may easily adjust the cot’s base so that it is in the best position for your little one.



Do you prefer to co-sleep with your baby? Quax has done it again and has the super cozy Cradle Side-by-Side, so you and the baby are never far away.



The spacious Quax wardrobes provide you with plenty of storage space. Designed with handy and multiple compartments, you will surely find all the space you need to place your baby clothes. Also, we notice that neutral, cocoon colours are becoming the parents’ favourite trend. You can easily combine the earth and light tones of the wardrobes with our Quax commode collection to suit your taste and style perfectly!


Mamma Rocking Chair

The Mamma Rocking Chair combines functionality, style, and comfort perfectly! Feeling a little tired or do you just want to relax with your baby? Then the rocking chair is designed for you to support all parts of your body while having some lovely moments with your little one. Also, due to its aesthetic design, it will look beautiful in your home!

Quax Rocking Chair


Changing table

When we say that with Quax you and your little ones are in good hands, there is a reason for that. Your baby needs the very best care and in our changing table collection, you will notice that Quax has taken it a step further with the integration of a bathtub in it. Give your baby a nice and warm bath in the most comfortable and safe way, during which you can easily store clean or washable clothes, wipes, nappies, and everything else in the changing table drawers. Such lovely moments right?

Quax Changing Table


With Quax, style also meets functionality outside your baby’s room. The world of Quax strollers, unleashes a symphony of stunning designs, colors and utility to make life easier for you and your little one. In our Quax collection, you can choose from the all-in-one Crooz 2 Pram and Avenue Pram, which beyond their elegant design, are very practical and easy to use with car seat adapters for Maxi-cosi & Cyb, making them the perfect choice for parents on the go. They contain all the important features you need to look for when buying a stroller from comfortable seating, storage space, safety mechanisms, and changing bags. A special feature that we love is that you can keep both Crooz 2 and Avenue as a pram, for your baby to sleep in, or you can easily convert them into a stroller with just an insert cushion, for the baby to sit upright. Crooz 2 comes also with a footmuff, to keep your baby tight and warm.

If this blog had you feeling thrilled and inspired, explore our Quax collection for the full range of products that fit your preferences. We would love to help you make memories in your baby’s first home!


Team Hola BB xx

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