Save 5% on all orders this weekend with code 'WINTER5' offer ends Sunday 10th December
Save 5% on all orders this weekend with code 'WINTER5' offer ends Sunday 10th December
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Organic Wool Duvet - Junior

by Cocoon

Wool junior duvet in the highest quality. 100% natural and untreated merino wool. 100% free of harmful chemicals.


Research has shown that both children and adults sleep better in wool than other traditional sleeping products. An excellent alternative to a silk duvet, which has some of the same good properties. A wool duvet is great for regulating the temperature around the body, as merino wool is an active fiber that responds to changes in body temperature.

This junior duvet measures 100×140 cm and is a perfect combination to the Garbo & Friends Junior bedding sets



This junior duvet measures 100×140 cm 

Choose between three heat classes; cool, medium warm or warm.

Made in Europe.


Care instructions

Merino wool is a fantastic fiber that contains unique properties that are worth taking care of. Merino wool has a natural substance of lanolin which makes wool self-cleaning and antibacterial. That is also why wool never smells and therefore it very rare that you need to clean your merino wool product – if at all! We recommend:

  • That you air your wool product regularly in fresh air to keep its structure and volume.
  • That you only stain wash if possible.
  • That you only dry clean if you wish a more thorough cleaning of your product


About the brand

Cocoon is a Danish family brand focused solely on creating everyday products from sustainable and responsible materials. Rethinking everything from Kapok to maize, wool, and peace silk, their products are 100% natural and consciously made. 

For parents who want the best, all-natural products for their babies, Cocoon is the best.