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Shop with 15% off our favorite Natural baby brand, Cocoon 🍂
Shop with 15% off our favorite Natural baby brand, Cocoon 🍂

Montessori Learning Tower - Natural

€149.00 EUR


Learning towers offer a great and safe way for your toddler to be actively involved in the kitchen/bathroom/dining table tasks, providing them with a sense of inclusion all whilst being perfectly safe. 

These wonderful learning towers are safe, sturdy and something your toddler will love as their own piece of furniture. 

With a height adjustable platform that can be adjusted as your child grows.

FSC wood, non toxic finish, handmade in Poland

Weight 5kg


About the brand

MeowBaby is a Polish family-owned company operating in the luxurious baby accessories market since 2017. You might know them from the popular high quality ball pits for children at home.

The most important customers for MeowBaby are the Tiny Customers themselves therefore, safety and functionality for them is the highest priority. Luckily MeowBaby does not forget about parents and ensures that every product they create also provides a nice addition to the interior decoration of children’s rooms.

Tags: leertoren, keukenhulp