Pay what you want this Black Friday

This Black Friday we're giving you the chance to grab a bargain before Sinterklaas and Christmas whilst also giving something back. 

On a selection of products we'll be cutting the sale price by up to 60% then allowing you to choose what you would like to pay for the item. 

Any extra you choose to pay will be donated to War Child Holland.

Why War Child? 

Picking a charity to support is extremely difficult with there being so many close to my heart. What I really like about War Child is that they not only protect children of conflict, but also take on the responsibility of educating them, helping them to grow up as well educated, well informed people who will hopefully help make our planet a better place. 

Our children are our future, it's vital we protect and educate each and everyone, regardless of what atrocities they are born into. 

Things to know about the sale

So please do shop and give generously, I'll be posting updates on total donations received online and through Instagram stories.

Many thanks,

Olivia & Bo x