Same day delivery trial

We're working with a new delivery partner Brisqq to offer a quicker and more flexible delivery service for customers in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. 

This up until Friday 23rd (11am) we're offering free delivery on all Amsterdam and surrounding areas orders for customers who would like to be part of this trial.

How to take advantage of this:

  • Ensure you add a phone number to your contact details
  • Set your shipping address as Amsterdam/Amstelveen
  • Choose the 2 hour delivery option
  • Reply to your confirmation email with what time you would like your delivery to take place, please allow at least 2 hours to give me chance to get your order wrapped and ready

Products excluded from the trial this week:

By choosing this option you agree to provide feedback on the service to both Hola BB & Brisqq

Any questions please do email me