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Hola BB is turning 5 this week 🎉🎉🎉 To celebrate shop with 5% off off all non furniture items. Enter code 'HOLABBis5' during checkout
Hola BB is turning 5 this week 🎉🎉🎉 To celebrate shop with 5% off off all non furniture items. Enter code 'HOLABBis5' during checkout

Bednest - Bedside crib - Natural mattress

by Bednest

€549.00 EUR

The Bednest crib is not only beautiful to look at, it has been carefully designed to offer you and your baby the very best in the first months. No assembly required, the Bednest simply folds up and and down ehenever and wherever you need it.


The Bednest is equipped with a good mattress, transparent and air-permeable sides, safety straps and 4 side panel locks that provide extra security.

The organic mattress is filled with coconut fiber and sheep's wool and has a detachable cover of organic cotton. The dimensions of the mattress are: length 82 cm, width 37 cm and thickness 4 cm. The Bednest is a collapsible bassinet and has a collapsible base. It will be shipped in a sturdy transport box. To make your Bednest complete, you can opt for the extra accessories such as the travel bag and various sheets.

The Bednest is made of high-quality beech wood. Special about the Bednest are the curved wooden parts that give the Bednest a unique look. The wood is FSC certified and has a water-based lacquer. The Bednest is manufactured in Europe. The breathable sides are washable and can be folded down on both sides. Ideal if your child has reflux or has a cold! The Bednest can be used with all beds, both with a box spring and beds with a slatted base, where the height between the top of the mattress of the parent bed and the floor must be 42 cm – 78 cm. With the safety straps you can securely attach the Bednest to any parent bed, but the straps are also easy to disconnect.

The Bednest can be used as a free-standing crib, as a co-sleeper, travel cot or as a Moses basket. Our favourite bit? The tilting feature, a god send for babies with reflux or a bad cold.

  • Suitable for babies from birth
  • The base is height adjustable in more than 70 possible positions and it can also be tilted
  • Mattress size is 82x37x4 centimeters
  • Crib, co-sleeper, Moses basket and carrycot
  • Fits every bed
  • Very easy to assemble, without tools, bolts and screws

About the brand 

Bednest BV has the desire to allow as many parents as possible to sleep together with their newborns and to offer the parents maximum comfort. 

For that reason, this Netherlands-based company provides a beautiful crib that will make your heart skip a beat. Sleeping close to your child has many advantages. It strengthens the bond between parent and child, the parents have direct supervision of their baby and for the mother who has recently given birth, it provides comfort when feeding. Furthermore, the Bednest can also be set up and folded with very little effort, it also has the function of a travel cot and is easy to carry.