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Bednest - Jersey Fitted Sheet

by Bednest

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€9.99 EUR

The Jersey fitted sheets from Bednest offer your baby comfort and are very easy to use for parents. The material breathes and compensates for the temperature.



Try this product from Bednest: the Jersey fitted sheet (white). This fitted sheet offers: comfort, hygiene, convenience and saves you time. In addition, the fitted sheet is 

Our Jersey fitted sheets are made of 100% cotton and have excellent elasticity and stretch. Due to the stitched edges, the fitted sheets have a crease-free fit and do not wrinkle.

 The Jersey is extra friendly to the skin and because of the good elasticity and stretch, these fitted sheets can be quickly and conveniently placed around the four corners of the mattress. Thanks to the friendly material, the Jersey fitted sheet ensures a healthy night's sleep: your baby does not suffer from perspiration problems, does not lie on a wrinkled sheet and the fabric is extra skin-friendly. 

For extra protection of your mattress, you can add a molton fitted sheet to your order.

  • 100% cotton and have excellent elasticity
  • suitable for a mattress with the following dimensions: 37/40 x 80/82 cm.
  • made according to the guidelines of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).


About the brand 

Bednest BV has the desire to allow as many parents as possible to sleep together with their newborns and to offer the parents maximum comfort. 

For that reason, this Netherlands-based company provides a beautiful crib that will make your heart skip a beat. Sleeping close to your child has many advantages. It strengthens the bond between parent and child, the parents have direct supervision of their baby and for the mother who has recently given birth, it provides comfort when feeding. Furthermore, the Bednest can also be set up and folded with very little effort, it also has the function of a travel cot and is easy to carry.