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Joolz Day+ Stroller Complete set - Brilliant Black

by Joolz

€1,299.00 EUR

The perfect stroller for you and your baby. The Joolz Day+ is one of the most popular strollers and there is a reason for that!

About Joolz Day+

Comfort for you and your baby

The new Joolz Day+ stroller offers all the space your baby needs to sleep or sit comfortably. From the safety bar to the footrest, everything is designed to grow with your little one and ensure an ultra-comfortable ride. You can extend the push handle so that you can walk everywhere with a straight back.

One handed use

Unlike strollers of the past the Joolz Day+ is designed to enable you to do everything with just one hand. As parents ourselves we can tell you what a lifesaver this is. From opening and rotating the safety bar to adjusting the seat to one of three comfortable positions. Maneuvering through shops and busy streets? One hand is all you need.

Smart Design 

From the crib ventilation, allowing your baby not only airflow but the ability to explore the world around them to the built in LED lights, perfect for evening strolls. So many details and useful features are built into this gorgeous stroller.



  • LENGTH84 cm
  • WIDTH59.5 cm
  • HEIGHT100-111 cm
  • Stroller + seat
  • WEIGHT13.3 kg
  • pram + crib
  • WEIGHT14.2 kg


  • LENGTH94 cm
  • WIDTH59.5 cm
  • HEIGHT35 cm
What's in the box

The box contains a complete and fantastic Joolz Day+ and everything that goes with it

  • chassis including front wheels and rear wheels
  • cradle
  • chair
  • safety bar
  • extended lens hood
  • shopping basket
  • manual
Reusable packaging

Re-use is better for the environment and who knows, your child may learn something from it too. Large and small cardboard boxes that you can transform into a sailing boat after unpacking. So don't throw it away.