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Wee Gallery Organic Sensory Puzzle Ball


This sensory puzzle ball is designed to delight your baby’s developing senses. 

Wee Gallery's signature high-contrast hand painted graphics grab baby’s attention visually, while its textures provide tactile stimulation. Its gorgeous organic fabrics make it the perfect heirloom gift.

Also called an “Amish puzzle ball” or clutch ball, it was popularized by Montessori educators.  These balls do not come apart, so are not actually a puzzle, but your baby will examine it as if it were a puzzle.  Sensory Puzzle Balls are used in many ways, let newborns look at the striking print – attach a strap and hang above your baby from 3 months of age to promote kicking.  

At about 5 months your baby will begin to move the ball with her hands and begin to try and clutch it.  The segments make it easier for a baby to clutch than a regular ball.  And when it drops, it won’t roll far.  It’s the perfect first ball for baby.

Measures 7″ in diameter.