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Creating Your Dream Nursery with the Noble Vintage Cot

Creating Your Dream Nursery with the Noble Vintage Cot

Creating Your Dream Baby Nursery with the Holabb Noble Vintage Cot from Woodies

Designing a nursery for your little one is an exciting journey, and selecting the right cot can set the tone for the entire space. If you're envisioning a timeless and elegant nursery, the Noble Vintage Cot by Woodies might just be the statement and functional cot you've been searching for.
Vintage Elegance
The Noble Vintage Cot exudes charm with its beautiful vintage-inspired design. Crafted with a light-walnut wood color, it adds a touch of warmth to the room while effortlessly blending with various decor styles. Its classic aesthetic is not only visually appealing but also designed to adapt as your baby grows.
Woodies Noble Vintage Cot  - Hola BB
Adaptability and Functionality
One of the standout features of the Noble vintage cot is its versatility. With two height settings for the mattress, it ensures convenience for parents while providing a comfortable sleeping space for your little one. As your baby transitions to a more independent stage, the option to remove three front bars allows for a seamless transformation into a toddler bed, extending its usefulness beyond infancy.
Creating the Dream Nursery
Pairing the Noble Vintage Cot with complementary elements can truly elevate the nursery's ambiance. The rich walnut wood allows for multiple colour combinations but our favourite has to be combined with the gorgeous prints from Garbo & Friends, creating a serene and calming atmosphere. Vintage-inspired decor accents, such as delicate curtains or a cozy rocking chair, can add a nostalgic touch to the room.
Woodies Noble Vintage Cot  - Hola BB
Playful Personalization
Infusing personal touches into the nursery can make it feel even more special. We particularly love the wallpaper from our friends at Summer Gray Amsterdam. You can shop their collection with us here.
Handmade touches are always special, if a DIY mobile is a little too daunting we adore this Bird mobile from Nanami.
Nanami Mobile  - Hola BB
Designing your dream baby nursery around our Noble Vintage Cot offers a blend of sophistication and adaptability. Its timeless design and functionality create the perfect foundation for a space where your little one can grow, play, and sleep comfortably.
Investing in a quality cot like the Noble Vintage Cot not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of nursery but also ensures a safe haven for your baby's earliest years.
Remember, designing a nursery is a personal journey—let your imagination and style guide you as you create a space filled with love and warmth for your little bundle of joy.
If this cot doesn't match your dream, check out our full collection of nursery furniture here 
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