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Our Sustainable Business

Our Sustainable Business

Hola BB was born over 6 years ago and from the first ideas stage I knew it had to be a 'kind' business, prioratizing people and our planet over profits. 

Our brand values from day one were 'Good for little ones, and the planet'. and it's something that has steered every decision we've made over the last 6 years.

It's not always easy, on average it costs around 25% more to choose a sustainable option vs standard, during hard times in business and personal life compromises have to be made but I'm so proud we have been able to stick to our promise and thanks to our customers are not only surviving but thriving.

So in honour of Earth Day 2023 I wanted to share with you some of the things we do at Hola BB to ensure a better future for our children and the many generations to follow us. 

1. Our NL based Solar powered warehouse

We're immensely proud to be one of the first stores to run our warehouse exclusively on solar power alone. From our electricity to heating, our warehouse is completely off grid and and doesn't use a single non renewable element. 

2. Our fleet of electric vehicles

All our vehicles, including our delivery van is 100% electric and charged from our solar panels at the warehouse. 

3. Our delivery partners

We've worked hard to find delivery partners that don't undo the hard work we put into our environmental policies. To date most of our deliveries were made via PostNL and while they are working to improve the standards of their carbon emissions they aren't as clean and green as we would like. Therefore from April onwards all smaller orders will be delivered via Budbee

Budbee are completely aligned with our sustainable business values and are helping to shape a new way for stores and businesses to deliver items in a simple, green way. Here are some of the great things we're able to rely on with Budbee.

  • Renewable diesel and electricity all the way 
  • Route optimisation & fill rates

You can find more about how Budbee does this here!

4. Our recycling policies

Retail and especially e-commerce creates a huge amount of packing waste. Our strict recycling and paper only packaging/shipping policy ensures we massively limit waste. 100% of all plastic and paper waste is recycled in our warehouse and store.

5. The brands we work with

We carefully choose brands that believe in the same things we do. 90% of all products we sell are made within the EU, reducing the carbon footprint and impact on our world. Launching next month we also have our own range of beautiful basics, 100% produced in the EU to ensure we not only help grow the local economy and jobs market but that products can be delivered to us in a clean and sustainable way. 

6. Our tree planting scheme

Working with partners, to date Hola BB has planted over 3,600 trees. Every time you make a purchase on Hola BB you not only help support a sustainable store you are actively helping us make our planet greener.

In honour of Earth Day 2023 we like to give everyone a helping hand to shop more sustainably. So shop all weekend with free shipping on orders over 20€ with this link or code EARTHDAY.

Thank you for your continued support, if it wasn't for our customers we would be able to do all this.

Happy Earth Day 2023!

Olivia xx



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