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The Liners

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The Liners go between your baby’s skin and the diaper which makes it easier to dispose of solids.


They move moisture into the diaper’s absorbent inserts and make solid disposal easy. They come in perforated rolls, 100 sheets per roll. Made of 98% paper pulp and 2% polyester, they are partially biodegradable and not flushable. When dealing with solids, simply lift out of diaper and throwaway or flush solid and throw away used liner.

Washing instructions

When no solids are present, you can throw wet liner in trash or in your laundry bin for washing and reuse.

About the brand

Billie Wonder is a perfect fit to Hola BB. A caringly designed and easy-to-use collection of washable diapers and accessories. What's good for people and the planet is at the forefront for them, using the kindest materials and fairest sources available.

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