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Organic kapok Baby Mattress 70×140

by Cocoon
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Perfect for newborns! This 100% Organic Kapok mattress is firm and breathable, perfect for newborns.

Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery of this item


The baby mattress is filled with 100% natural kapok, which is temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking. A perfect mattress for newborn children who struggle to control their body temperature. A kapok mattress helps the child get a temperate and dry sleep.

The baby mattress is firm as recommended by experts for newborn children. This mattress will soften over time becoming medium firm as the baby grows.

We recommend teaming this mattress with a natural mattress protector and kapok bed pad. Both can be easily washed and will ensure your mattress lasts longer.

  • 70×140
  • filled with 100% natural kapok
  • has a cotton cover that is 100% organic certified.
  • Nothing added – 100% natural – made with love!
  • Mattress is sewn and stuffed by hand and therefore can our mattress vary slightly in size.
More information on Kapok

Kapok is a natural fiber, that is gathered from kapok trees growing in the tropical rainforests. Our kapok products are filled with 100% natural kapok with a cover of 100% certified organic cotton.


Due to kapoks amazing breathability, you will experience a fantastic heat-regulated and dry sleep.


Kapok contains a natural bitter substance that makes kapok resistant to bacteria and house dust mites. Also, the cover is woven so tightly that house dust mites cannot penetrate.

A good night’s sleep is important for our health. That is why we believe that finding the right sleeping product is important to maximize comfort and well-being throughout the night. Kapok is cool, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking which gives you a comfortable sleep that is both nice temperate and dry. A perfect match for those who have problems with hot nights and therefore need a breathable underlay that allows you to get rid of excess heat. Also, a kapok mattress is both vegan, organic, and hypoallergenic. The cover is woven so tightly that house dust mites can’t penetrate.

A kapok mattress is firm, as recommended by experts for small children. Note that a kapok mattress will be softer when used. For adults or big children, we recommend to add a kapok mattress pad and/or a kapok mattress topper depending on your preferences. For small kids, we recommend adding a kapok mattress pad to protect the mattress from mishaps.

Complete your organic, vegan, and hypoallergenic sleeping environment with our fantastic organic jersey stretch sheet together with a natural fiber duvet and pillow.

Care instructions

As with all mattresses, it is a good idea to set the mattress upright once in a while to air the mattress. If you have a bed with a plate bottom, pay special attention to getting the mattress aired regularly. These beds make transporting moisture away from the mattress more difficult. Kapok transports moisture and heat away from the child, but if the moisture cannot get away from the bottom of the mattress, the moisture is trapped between the mattress and the plate bottom. In the worst case, fungal spores can be formed under the mattress. Unfortunately, this can happen to any mattress. Therefore, ventilate the mattress once a week, or as needed.

About the brand

Cocoon is a Danish family brand focused solely on creating everyday products from sustainable and responsible materials. Rethinking everything from Kapok to maize, wool, and peace silk, their products are 100% natural and consciously made.

For parents who want the best, all-natural products for their babies, Cocoon is the best.

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