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Ordering from the UK

As the UK is no longer in the European Union, there is a slightly different process for delivering your order. But don’t worry, it’s simple and may even mean you save by not paying VAT!

It's important to note we do not currencollect VAT or custom charges on your order, this, if applicable, will be collected by the delivery company at the point your order reaches the UK.

How does VAT work when shopping with us?

  • Hola BB orders under £135 are VAT free, the item will skip customs and come straight to you
  • Hola BB orders over £135 are send to a distribution center in the UK for customs and VAT processing. VAT will be charged at the local rate. This will be collected by customs during entry to the UK and will be an additional cost to your order.

Customs import tax

Like VAT, customs tax may be collected at the point of entry to the UK with specific items subject to this fee. If any customs charges are due, this is to be paid by yourself before delivery of your items. In our experience the customs charges are very low. 

To give an idea of the taxes due, here is what is likely - but not guaranteed - to be collected on orders of our most popular items:

Product Price VAT Estimated
custom taxes
Clearance fee
Children’s clothing Any 0% 0% £0-12
General items Less than £135 0% 0-2.5%% £0-12
General items More than £135 20% 0% - 2.5% £12
soft furnishing
More than £135 20% 0-2.5% £12
Wooden furniture More than £135 20% 0-2.5% £12


Please note the table is based on indicative rates. For fees for specific items, please check the HMRC website or use this handy calculator.

Tracking your order

Once your order is processed by our warehouse, you’ll receive an email from us confirming your order has been shipped, followed by an email from PostNL confirming your track and trace number. Small items are shipped together, but it’s likely when ordering furniture you’ll receive multiple shipping emails, so keep an eye out for these! They will allow you to track each parcel separately. As PostNL is a Dutch company, these emails can occasionally end up in your spam folder. 

When orders are dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive PostNL track and trace emails from our shipping system. Please note, most furniture orders will generate multiple tracking links as more than one package will be sent. You’ll need to use each track and trace number separately to accurately follow your order.

Once in the UK

All UK orders are transferred to Parcelforce for import processing and delivery. You can easily see where each box of your order is via their website. Simply enter your PostNL tracking reference (13 digit reference starting with CF and ending in NL e.g. CF+++++++++NL) for a status update.

To ensure you receive your items as quickly as possible, we recommend you contact your local depot to arrange the customs payment and delivery date. This can bring your delivery forward by 2 weeks vs waiting for them to contact you.   

Once payment is made, delivery is typically made within 48-72 hours.

We’re here to help!

If you have any problems along the way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!