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Baby lounger, Amazing Maize

by Cocoon
€98.00 EUR
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Looking for a completely natural nest or lounger? The Amazing Maize lounger from Cocoon is our new favourite!


Designed to keep your baby 'snug as a bug', preventing newborns from rolling through to around 6 months. Made from 100% natural and sustainable materials, it's not hard to see why it's our favourite.

Complete your Cocoon lounger with one of our 100% organic cotton covers.

  • Size: 47x77cm
  • Materials: organic cotton fabric, Maize fiber
  • Stain wash (some washing machines may be able to, but for some the pillow will become too heavy when wet, and the machine then stops)
  • Safety precaution: Never leave the baby unattended
Care instructions

Be aware that it is not necessary to wash your Amazing Maize product before use since no chemicals or pesticides have been used under the cultivation and production. To take good care of your Amazing Maize product we recommend:

  • That you air your product regularly to maintain the fiber structure and to ensure a healthy sleeping environment.
  • That you only wash your product if needed and at 40 degrees and maximum at 60 degrees. Also, at a low spinning to prevent fiber entanglement, but if the problem occurs, they are easy to pull apart.
  • That you dry your product in the dryer with middle heath and wool dryer balls to reduce drying time and to make sure that the fibers are gently moved around. Do not use tennis balls since they will damage the fiber.
  • That you wash your Amazing Maize product with a chemical free and gentle detergent, to be gentle to both your product and to the environment. Such a detergent could be our soapberries.

About Amazing Maize from Cocoon

An environmentally friendly fibre

Cocoon Amazing Maize is an environmentally friendly, vegan and sustainable product series. Manufactured from a plant based corn fibre, making it 100% biodegradable.

A wonderful alternative to synthetic fibers and non vegan down and feather products.

Other benefits include a naturally heat regulating property and completely hypoallergenic, perfect for babies!

About the brand

Cocoon is a Danish family brand focused solely on creating everyday products from sustainable and responsible materials. Rethinking everything from Kapok to maize, wool, and peace silk, their products are 100% natural and consciously made.

For parents who want the best, all-natural products for their babies, Cocoon is the best.