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Baby Cradle

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A helping hand that rocks your baby to sleep, gently and softly. The spring is safety tested and has a safety strap for reassurance every time it's nap time.


These springs are equipped with a safety strap, which increases safety and makes it extra-safe to use.

Moonboon created a range of quality springs specifically designed for Baby Hammocks and Cradle. The springs are adapted to children's weight and provide a soft, soothing rocking motion that helps them settle down and sleep better.

What is included:
1 Spring with safety strap and Swivel-carabiner
1 Cotton spring-cover
1 plastic part

Spring for Baby Hammock:
Child's weight: 3-12 kg

Spring for Cradle and Twin Baby Hammock:
There is a difference in the weight of the products and also the children's weight from the Cradle to Twin Baby Hammock.
When used with Cradle - Child weight: 3-12 kg.
When used with Twin Baby Hammock - Total weight of children 4-12 kg.

Spring + for Cradle and Twin Baby Hammock:
Moonboon's Spring + for Cradle and Twin Baby Hammock can be purchased if you have a larger child or wish to extend the life of the Cradle and Twin Baby Hammock.
When used with Cradle - Child weight: 12-15 kg
Twin Baby Hammock: Children's combined weight 12-20 kg.

Safety first! A lot of thought and preparation has gone into the development of the Moonboon Springs. It is essential that the springs are balanced correctly in relation to the child's weight to create the soft, rocking movements that have a calming effect and help the child find peace and sleep better.

Because if a spring is tight, it needs a lot of weight to rock the baby gently and softly.

The spring have been developed being suitable for newborns, so you don't have to wait until your baby weighs 6 or 7 kg before you get that soft rocking motion that supports the spine.

The springs have been tested to rock up and down, non stop, with a load of 16 kg.

A safety strap is fitted inside the spring.

About the brand

The first time we saw a Moonboon hammock we knew this belonged in the Hola BB family. Started by a couple, when they became parents, Moonboon designs are inspired by

the moon, nighttime, deep sleep, sweet dreams, and adventures. All of their baby accessories are sustainably made of organic materials.

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