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The Original - Piep - 0/3 M - Cotton - Cotton Flower

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Swaddling can be a good solution for a lot of babies, especially if they are a little restless. The Piep is a safe alternative for tight swaddling and the unique shape helps your baby settle down.

  • Comfortable and never too tight, the Piep is a safe swaddling bag that creates a sense of security, which has a significant impact on your baby’s sleep rhythm.
  • Your baby sleeps both better and longer.
  • Warmth is well regulated
  • Your baby doesn’t startle itself awake (Moro reflex)

Every parent knows how important a good sleep is for the development of their child. But once the baby is born this is still a difficult proposition for many new parents. And before long their restlessness and fitful nights severely disrupt their routine.

  • Age 0 - 3 months
  • Height 44 - 62 cm
  • Weight 2,5 - 5,5 kg
  • Length Piep 66 cm
  • Tog 0.5
Washing instructions
  • 40°C and can be put in the dryer (low temperature).
  • Wash separately and close all Velcro and zips before washing.
  • Dark colour? Always wash the dark outer bag separately.
  • The first few times separately with water and a dash of vinegar to fix the colour.
  • Composition
About the brand

Puckababy is a dutch brand that was created in 2007 with a key aim to help babies and children sleep safely. Their products are functional and beautiful, but also subject to the strictest requirements for baby safety.

Puckababy knows how to distinguish itself in quality and class.

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