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✨ Summer sale now on! Shop with up to 30% off ✨

Cocoon Organic natural mattress 70x140

by Cocoon

Out of stock online
€300.00 EUR

It's hard to find a better mattress for your baby.


100% natural, organic materials that offer the perfect support for newborns and toddlers. Completely breathable and perfect for helping babies and toddlers regulate their temperature.

  • 70x140 cm
  • Materials: organic latex, organic coconut, organic wool & organic cotton fabric
  • Stain wash
  • Hard side up, until baby can turn itself without trouble (roughly until 1 year)
About the brand

Cocoon is a Danish family brand focused solely on creating everyday products from sustainable and responsible materials. Rethinking everything from Kapok to maize, wool, and peace silk, their products are 100% natural and consciously made. 

For parents who want the best, all-natural products for their babies, Cocoon is the best.