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Billie Wonder helps you to reduce waste production with washable diapers in an easy and stylish way

Billie Wonder helps you to reduce waste production with washable diapers in an easy and stylish way

We're so proud to be the first store to launch Billie Wonder!

Sustainability and ensuring a better world for our children is at the heart of everything we do. Whilst we have many wonderful brands that support our vision up until now we were really missing a product that would help you reduce the large amount of waste you produce once you’re having a baby. 

We’re so happy to tell you we were able to add washable diapers from Billie Wonder to our collection. This was something that has been really missing in being able to help you towards sustainable parenting!

Billie Wonder is a small company, founded by Steef Fleur. She’s the creative director and also a mother just like us. She works with her cousin Tessel Oosting as an operational manager and a team of freelancers, investors and interns.

Steef, a former documentary photographer, first encountered a baby in a washable diaper during a photography assignment in 2015 at hemp growers in Northern California. She was struck by how pure and natural it looked at such a vulnerable time in her life. Since then she has asked herself why disposable diapers are the norm and she strives to change that.

What makes Billie Wonder different from other washable nappies are of course the beautiful prints and that the product is really well thought out. Because of the two different sizes they fit your baby really well, the materials are super soft and durable and the system is really easy to use.

You can tell that Steef knows what she's talking about when it comes to using washable nappies. When we ask her about why she started Billie Wonder she replies: 

“As a mother I missed a stylish collection of diapers. Alongside this I felt that the system of diapers could be improved. Most brands work with a “one size” diaper that is really big on small babies and doesn’t absorb enough anymore with bigger kids. So we developed 2 sizes that grow in both size and absorption. And we work with hemp, the most regenerative and best absorbing material out there, making our diapers very slim.”

And it’s not only diapers. Billie wonder has also thought of other necessities to make the washable diapers extra pleasant and easy to use. For example: washable wipes, liners, laundry nets, hemp oil, a diaper bin, a wet and dry bag and a matching changing mat. Take a look at them here.

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