About us

 Hola BB is home to beautiful eco-friendly products carefully handpicked for you and your little ones. 

Founded in 2017 after the birth of my son, I realised just how two sided the baby industry was. One wonderful but relatively small side filled with handmade, natural, organic and sustainable products, and the other, more prevalent side offering almost the complete opposite. I knew right away she wanted to create a platform where parents could find products ranging from small nice to have's through to nursery essentials, all with the same promise. To be kind to your baby, and the world.



Organic materials aren't just good for precious newborn skin, they're better for the world as a whole. Organic doesn't just mean beautiful fabric, it's a heavily regulated process from start to finish, ensuring everything from water usage to grow crops, working regulations from field to factory workers and chemicals and dyes adhere to strict conditions. 

Over 90% of our fabric products are made using organic fabrics, the other 10% are OEKO-TEX certified or produced using materials naturally more ecological, such as linen.


Every brand we buy has been checked for their production sustainability, from the products they use to where they are produced. We specialise in local brands with over 95% produced within the EU.

Furthermore all products are built to either grow as your child does, or stand up to daily ware and tear meaning they can be passed on to other children for years to come.


You can be save in the knowledge that all products found on Hola BB are not only great for the planet but have been tried and tested by myself, my son Bo and our many enthusiastic friends and family. 

All pricing is in line with specific brand RRPs and we try our best to offer a range of product options for all budgets.

As a shop we take our responsibility to the planet very seriously. This includes recycling all packaging that can not be used and only using 100% recyclable materials to pack and post your orders.

So thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions at all about our products or need anything we're always here to help you! 

 Lots of Love

Olivia & Team Hola BB xx