About us

Hello! Welcome to Hola BB.

This is me, Olivia and my little family who are all a big part of my little shop.


With the birth of my first son in Nov '2016 I was first exposed to the wonderful world of baby and children's products, the good and the bad. From over priced 'must have's' that were never used to wonderful handmade items that have become staples in our home.

I knew right away I wanted to have it all, to create something I could do along side Bo whilst fulfilling my dream of starting my own business and building something from scratch. Creating a store that only offers the good. Products that are predominately made from organic materials, using sustainable production methods that do no harm to our planet. 

And I'm not alone, so many wonderful parents are doing something similar. Brands and products, not just ''tested by' but 'created by' parents. These are the brands I seek out for my store.

So by buying at Hola BB you're not just supporting one small business, but many families striving to create something with and for their little ones.


How we got our name

Long story short I was on holiday with some friends when I decided to take the leap into setting up my own little shop, my friends daughter was fascinated by Bo and being Spanish she would shout at the top of her lungs 'Hola Bebe'. It was the cutest thing ever and just stuck. I dropped the e's to make it BB which stands for my son's name, Bo Benjamin. 

Hola BB - Welcome to the world little Bo, this shop is for you. 

 So please do follow Bo and my adventures on Instagram and reach out if you have any questions or need anything at all.