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Our store is open again! We'd love to see you
Our store is open again! We'd love to see you

Amber Toddler Necklace - Mixed colours

€24.99 EUR

Amber or 'barnsteen' can be used as a natural remedy for little teething babies. 

The succinic acid found in Baltic amber is known to have a number of beneficial properties good not only for teething but also aching muscles and joints.

Succinic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory analgesic that is activated by the warmth of your body. 

Baltic Amber necklaces and bracelets are knotted in between each individual bead, so if the necklace were to break, only one piece would fall off.

  • Natural Baltic Amber
  • 32 cm with a twist clasp
  • All beads are separately knotted with sturdy thread
  • Every piece has unique colors and textures that cannot be exactly duplicated
  • To clean your Baltic Amber, simply wipe with a soft cloth. If you need to use water feel free, and then dry in the sun