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Save 10% on all new collection and 1+1 FREE on all sale baby clothes ✨

Premium Mattress Extension


Made especially for the Nature Oak bed by one of the biggest baby mattress manufactures in Europe. This mattress has rounded corners and is custom-made to fit as an extension part in the Nature Junior Bed.

**Please allow 4 weeks for delivery of this item.



This mattress is a custom-made mattress from Träumeland who is specialized in baby and children’s mattresses. The mattress has rounded corners and is custom-made to fit the Nature Baby Bed.
The mattress is made in Europe and complies with strict European safety standards.

The mattress is made from cold foam which is known for being both breathable and hypoallergenic. The mattress has a high bearing capacity which makes for incredible comfort and support for babies and small children.
The mattress has build-in air canals that transport moisture away from the child and thereby help the child regulate its own body temperature which otherwise is difficult for small children and babies.

The mattress has a soft quiltet cover in TENCEL™/polyester which makes it both durable and easy to wash if needed. The cover has extra breathable venting material along the sides.
The cover has a long zipper which makes it easy to remove the cover for washing. Since the cover is removable and washable, the mattress is well fitted for allergic persons.
The zipper even goes all the way around so if needed, you can remove just one side of the cover for washing and leave the other side on the mattress.
The zipper is child proof and can only be opened by an adult using a paper clip.


120 x 68 x 9 cm

Cover: 38 % TENCEL™, 62 % polyester.
Core: Cold foam with density of 30 kg/m3.

The cover is washable at 60 °C. Tumble dry low heat. Do not iron. Do not bleach.
Care instructions:
We recommend that you protect the mattress by using a bed wetting sheet. Furthermore, the mattress should be rotated a few times yearly to ensure that head and foot ends switch places. The mattress should be vaccuumed regularly.
Make sure you have good ventilation.
For hygienic and fysiologic resons, you should not pass on a mattress from one child to another.


  • Never place the cot close to an open fire or other sources of strong heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires, etc. due to the risk of fire.
  • Do not use the product if any part is broken, torn, or missing and use only spare parts approved by We Are Bitte.
  • Never place more than one mattress in the cot.
  • Never place the mattress in a cot larger than 68 x 120 cm (internal dimensions).
  • Make sure that the cot has rounded corners like the Nature Baby Bed from We Are Bitte.
About the brand

We Are Bitte is a Danish brand founded in 2017 by Katrine Loug Jagd, who is the mother of three children. 

They create products for the little ones in our lives - and for their parents. their products are not only meant to fascinate children but to also accommodate their parents’ wish for a beautiful home.

The products are designed in Denmark and based on a design tradition that builds on function and craftsmanship. they create products meant to be passed on for generations – for design as well as quality.